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The GTI Dimona Brazil FIA is our main vehicle, with 12 years of track record. In 2018 we launched the GTI Haifa FIA, which follows the same philosophy as the Dimona GTI while observing CMN Resolutions 4661 and 4604.



GTI Dimona Brasil FIA is an equity fund with 12 years of track record. It combines bottom up and top down analysis, seeking for assets whose market price is significantly below its fair value,  aiming to obtain positive real returns above than the main benchmarks, in the  medium to long term. We usually carry between 15 and 20 positions with sizes ranging from 3% to 15%.



GTI Haifa FIA follows the same investment philosophy as GTI Dimona Brasil, while observing complying with CMN Resolutions 4661 and 4604. This means that this fund cannot short sell stocks, it does not carry BDR's, among other restrictions. This fund is intended for investors in general, individuals and legal entities, including institutional investors.